The variety of acivities is endless!

Dulaney hosted a Movie Meeting for its members. Last year, we watched Disney's Herculues and the students were split into groups. Each group was given a certain repetitive movie motif (i.e. when Hade's hair burst into flame, when Hercules picked something up, or when Hade's minions changed shape) that they had to look for. When they saw it, they were to jump up, yell, and make themselves known. The group with the most spirit was given a giftcard.

The Gladiator Meeting

Every year Dulaney hosts a gladiator meeting where students, clad with duct tape/cardboard armor, battle it out with javalins, swords, shields, and machetes (all made of cardboard, of course). It's a round robin tournament judged by their peers - a touch on any limb disables it and a tap on the midsection ends the match. The winner gets eternal glory

Ubi est?



Every year Dulaney hosts a latin language festival made entirely by students for the surrounding community. The students split into groups and make different roman-themed carnival games to inspire and educate children (and parents) about roman culture, mythology, and language.


Face painting!

In the station "goblet pong", children throw ping pong balls into cups set on a staircase for prize tickets

To teach children about archeology, we set up sand stations for them to sift through sand to finds beads and make a bracelet