Awards Throughout the Year

MDJCL has a number of competitions over the course of the year. Beginning with State Convention 2017, results will be posted here so you can come back when you're 70 years old and remember that time you won something.

MDJCL State Convention, April 1-2 2017


  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
1st St. John's Catholic Prep Montgomery Blair Eleanor Roosevelt
2nd The Country School Easton High School Gilman School
3rd Eleanor Roosevelt Gilman School Easton High School


  Dramatic Interpretation Spelling Bee That's Entertainment
1st Natasha Panduwawala Christine Zhang Dulaney's Skit
2nd Mika Kretzmann-Clough Justin Bai
3rd Allie Hudson

Creative Arts:

2D Art 3D Art Peep Diorama Scrapbook Impromptu Art
Kaitlyn Tilley Natasha Panduwawala Faith Murphy Jeremiah Penny Martin


Ultimate Discus Golden Apple Race Carpet Chariot Race Gladiator Fight
Dulaney High Matt Waters Galen Marquess + Dandan Matt Waters


Catapult Contest
Galen Marquess